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The great ‘BLUE HERON’

The great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias), is one of the most beautiful birds on Earth. During its evolution (since more than sixty million years ago), it has become one of the most beautiful, intelligent and powerful predators on our planet. Few are those who escape from their attention and their fishing and hunting skills; their survival instincts are definitely extreme, a really nature´s wonder.

It is admired as a sacred specie by several eastern cultures. In many regions of North and Central America (and more rarely in Europe) it is considered a protected bird, given the fundamental role it plays in the maintenance of natural balances of wetlands and other sensitive ecosystems. In Europe, it is often found in autumn in our rice fields, river banks, crops and marshes, where it comes to feed itself, attracted by the great richness and biodiversity of the humid environments and climates.

Blue Heron Plant BioDynamics, S.L. was born with a work philosophy based on the skills developed by this wonderful specie: observation, analysis, study, ability, speed, strength, evolution, adaptability and survival. The company was founded with the firm intention of positioning itself in the front line of the worldwide suppliers of natural and very low impact inputs with very high compatibilities, with the auxiliary fauna (predators, parasitoids and pollinators), free of undesirable residues, without re-entry and pre-harvest intervals, for modern and future agriculture, forestry, gardening and green areas.

Our team is made up of young professionals with long experience in the fields of Earth Sciences, Agriculture and Nature, and our main target is to achieve, through our knowledge, technologies, research and development, the excellence in the design and commercialization of competitive and effective solutions for the main problems of the actual agriculture.

Our Products are suitable for their use in all kind of protocols and production systems, through more sustainable proposals, in line with the continuous demands of our society and the very strict markets, about the crop qualities, in order to guarantee safety for workers and respect for the environment.

In order to achieve our goals and targets, Blue Heron relies on Science and last generation technologies, and works together with various scientific and technological institutions (universities, labs, research centers, public and private companies) in research and development projects, not only in Spain and Europe, but also in other overseas countries.

As it could not be otherwise, most of our products are certified as “Suitable inputs for Organic Agriculture”, by some of the most prestigious certifiers in Spain (CAAE, INTERECO, AGROCOLOR), Germany (FIBL – DEMETER) and USA (OMRI).