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NP liquid fertilizer. Triple action (pH regulator, wetting and de-foaming, buffer action) for better spray treatments. Helps to place the pH of the water at optimal levels. Reduces water hardness in case of high levels of carbonates. Decreases surface tension to achieve a better wetting and coverages.
Where to use it
It is useful in practically all kind of crops in which poor quality waters are used to carry out spray treatments.
Dosage and application method
400 to 1.500 ml/1.000 L (depending on initial pH and water hardness)

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Nano-colloidal special additive to optimize and enhance the efficacy and effectiveness of nutrient solutions used in fertirrigation, based on crystalline or concentrated liquids fertilizers. Improves the absorption and assimilation of the essential nutrients (through their encapsulation and transport) contained in the nutrient solutions applied through fertirrigation systems.
Where to use it
It is useful in practically all kind of crops in which liquid or crystalline fertilizers are applied by drip irrigation.
Dosage and application method
Fertirrigation: 100 – 120 cc per 300 – 400 L of “concentrated” nutrient solution, in the injection tanks.
Exclusive use for professional growers
Suitable for Organic Agriculture according to EU Regulations (Reg. CE No. 843/2007)